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Helping architects and designers meet the Passive House Standard. 

  • PH effects all aspects of design, so have the conversation early.
  • PH software used throughout the design process.
  • Thermal bridging analysis 
  • Liaise with PH Certifier throughout the design process


Certified Passive House Designer

As an accredited Building Designer I can design houses. I am based in Hobart, Tasmania.



EnerPHit is the staged certification process for renovation - whether it be an office or a house. Also run through the PH software but with slightly less stringent requirements. Concessions for historic facades etc.


Do you certify building plans ?

The Passive House Institute (Germany) only offers certification to finished buildings. A Passive House Certifier is engaged as early as possible to oversee the consultant's work. The Certifier can provide a letter to cover the Building Code of Australia's energy efficiency requirements. Certification is the only way to ensure your finished building meats the Passive House Standard.

When do I talk to a PH consultant ?

Have the conversation as early as possible in the design process. PH effects the proportions of the building, the thickness of the walls, architectural details etc. 

Is PASSIVE HOUSE the same as passive solar design ?

'Passive solar design' is a generic term that has been around for decades. It means different things to different people...Passive House measures passive solar design to achieve high levels of human comfort, low running costs & high rates of energy efficiency.

Is it really worth designing to the PH standard in Australia?

The PH standard is designed around human comfort, health and energy efficiency. A Passive House building is designed to local climate conditions, altitude, shading conditions etc. 

Is it really worth designing to the PH standard in Australia - 2 ?

The standard was developed in Germany in the 1980s as the building industry was not meeting the greenhouse gas emission targets of the time. Never has it been more relevant than it is today.

Are PH buildings airtight?

The building is only airtight when you test it for leaks/drafts, otherwise PH buildings are better ventilated than most new buildings.