December 2016

Just completed the 9 day Passive House Designer's Course at the Box Hill Institute in Melbourne. I now have the PHPP software and am looking forward to using it.

Some interesting facts emerged:

- passive house almost eliminates fluxuation in temperature making thermal mass redundant

- with energy savings of 75-90% you don't need a wood heater. If you do it has to be ventilated from the outside (not from the livng room)

-small houses are difficult to certify because of high surface area to volume ratio (so  more has to be spent on insulation and windows)

- despite the extra costs of Passive House components (here in Tasmania) modestly priced houses can be built, if built in volume, (where the advantages of bulk buying is possible).

- The Passive House Standard is measured in kWhrs/m2/year. So think of the power bills for your house or school or office building and slash them by up to 90%. Multiply the savings by 5,10, 20, 50 years and you can see the financial benefits.

Passive House Designers Course